I have been freelancing, taking courses and adding to my portfolio since I graduated from college in the spring of 2019. Here you can find some of my latest work:

Nomada Tacos

I’m thrilled Nomada Tacos decided to hire me to build the site for their brand new restaurant. We decided it’s vital their customers be able to find restaurant info as quickly and easily as possible, that the menu would be easy to read and responsive and that the overall feel be consistent with the style of their existing menu, and their gorgeous shop. I built their site using NUXT as a universal server side rendered application, stored it in an AWS S3 bucket, and distributed with an ACM certificate using AWS Cloud Front.

Screenshot of Nomada Tacos' website


ISP hired me to revamp their website, mordernize it, make it responsive and update some of their content. I used Gatsby for easy backend configuration, fast server side rendering and graphql for lazy loading images.

Only a demo has been deployed. I’m waiting on the client for more content and finishing touches

Damaged Records

I Love music! I have been a professional drummer since almost the first day I started playing at 15 years old. Creating a web-store for a couple bands that I play in was a natural choice to exercise what I’ve learned in a full stack Node, NextJS, React, MongoDB web app.

Demo available below. I still need to create a pro Strype account to accept credit card payments, make some design changes and decide on a web host