Programming in Javascript is probably my favourite aspect of web development. I like to tinker in projects and sharpen my skills when I can find time. Here’s some of my latest hobby apps, as well as a couple games I made while I was in school:

Beatron 2020

During self isolation I was working through some Free Code Camp projects and I decided to spend some extra time on this one. I am a drummer so this project was of extra interest to me and I wanted to use it as a chance to play with CSS to achieve a design I had in mind. Main functionality includes:

Try it here (Works best on desktop)

Watch a demo below:


I recently thought about coding a calculator. I thought “I bet it’s harder than it looks.”, and I was right. There are a lot of things to consider when making a calculator and many ways it can function improperly. I had fun making this and it was the perfect way to brush up on my JS and practice using CSS Flex-box for the layout.

Memory Blitz

While still in school, for my Android course project I decided to create a game called Memory Blitz. The game is a copy of the Memory game where you flip cards over trying to find matching images. Functionality includes:

Watch a demo below:

So You Think You’re Smart?

For my iOS course project I made a trivia game called “So You Think You’re Smart”. The player has 10 seconds to correctly answer a question before moving on. Three wrong answers and it’s game over. The questions rise in difficulty as you go as does the player’s final score and rating. Main functionality includes:

Watch a demo below: